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Sessions can help you feel lighter, more grounded, and more like yourself. Many physical problems, addictions, unwanted emotions, negative tendencies, stress, blockages, chakra issues, behavioral concerns, or other energies can be cleansed using specific protocols and advanced healing techniques. Your spirituality can be strengthened, allowing your unique gifts and intuition to develop.  Confusion, manipulation, and blocks can be removed, so that you may know what is best for yourself.  

A growing problem in our world today is the attachment of earthbound spirits. This happens when someone has passed from our physical world yet still remains here among us. These spirits wish to relive various emotions and behaviors; and can become attached to any of us. They cannot simply be willed or wished away. However, a spiritual or shamanic healing can help them to the light as well as free yourself from this situation. This can also be done for your home. Remember, these are God's children also just like we are. They are just stuck. Helping them requires compassion, unconditional love, spiritual strength, humility, correct protection, and Victor Barron's training

God has blessed me as His healing instrument, and an Advanced level healer. I have learned how deep an impact spiritual healing and coaching can have; how it can profoundly improve lives.  It's an essential piece of the wellness puzzle; and gives you the chance to stop existing, and start living.  Click here to learn more to learn about Victor Barron's healing modality. 

I am so blessed to call Victor Barron my teacher. I truly have no words to express my gratitude. His healing and clearing practices and techniques are the safest, most authentic, and strongest I have ever experienced; both as a practitioner since 2012 and as a client.  Victor is a true man of God. He is the real deal. He thankfully shares his profound and powerful knowledge to help others learn, heal, and open their hearts to God. Learn more about Victor Barron's many gifts, upcoming classes, and healings at http://www.victorbarron.com and through his book, Humanity's Spiritual Plague. 

Spiritual Healing Session $150 Donation
In Person Sessions can cleanse your energy field and remove spiritual attachments.  Feel lighter, more balanced or like yourself. 

You should book an appointment for any one of these reasons:  -desire of a stronger spiritual connection   -just not feeling like yourself
-sadness or depression   -stress or anxiety   -changes in behavior or personality   -chronic anger   -seeing dark shadows  
-feeling lightheaded or "not here" all the time   -negative emotions and thoughts   -unwanted behaviors or tendencies   -migraines   -fear   -equilibrium or confusion   -negative tendencies   -ADHD concerns   -feeling stuck or held back in life   -past emotional or mental trauma   -addictions   -feeling blocked or under attack   -non-medical physical pain or illness   -suspected paranormal activity   -chronic fatigue   -insomnia including sleep apnea   -bed-wetting   -allergies   -energy field and aura cleansing   -chakra clearing   -past life influence   -witchcraft or bad luck concerns

Remote Spiritual Healing Session $100 Donation
Experience the benefits of a spiritual shamanic healing session from anywhere in the world. This is commonly referred to as a Distance Healing. Your physical presence is not necessary and you will receive a powerful spiritual healing as if you are here in person at Zen Cottage. Distance healing sessions are ordered online below. I will then let you know when your session will occur, but you need do nothing special during this time. This is very convenient way to receive healing. No need to miss work, events, or time with family. These sessions are a powerful approach with similar benefits to in-person spiritual healing sessions. You will be contacted after ordering for more information and what to expect next. Click here to Order Your Distance Session.

Traditional Shamanic Healing Session (Wet Healing) $350 Donation
Sacred and blessed natural ingredients are activated for very deep cleansing of your energy field. Most people feel profoundly better, more like themselves. This is a great approach for those: feeling blocked in life, experiencing emotional stress, or lacking positive relationships. Although three types of sessions are available (Deep Cleansing, Emotional Cleansing, and Relationship), I often combine one or more types to maximize your benefits. I will discuss your concerns immediately before your session, which is located in the Fredericksburg area. This technique is applied while you relax on a massage table with native music playing. Traditional Shamanic Healing Sessions for Couples is available.

Energy Healing Session $150 Donation
Your chakras and other physical energy systems are instantly cleansed, balanced, and energized.  Many physical-based issues and stresses can be relieved since all healing occurs faster with cleansing. This type of healing session is often referred to as Hands On Healing, energy work, energy cleansing, healing energy, aura cleansing, chakra cleansing, etc. You relax on my massage table with soothing music in the background. This is spa-like and can benefit everyone!  I recommend this after receiving a Spiritual Healing (either In Person or Remote). You also may schedule a spiritual healing/energy healing combo appointment to benefit from both on the same day.  Energy Healing Sessions for Couples is available.

Spiritual and Shamanic Healing sessions are held at Zen Cottage, a simple healing room surrounded by nature. I am so grateful for this sanctuary, which allows me to connect with God, Mother Earth and the beautiful animals on the property. It was this connection to the land that led to converting this space into a healing room several years ago. My amazing husband along with a dear friend finished the inside of this peaceful space for this purpose, and we are grateful to be able to share this sacred space with you now. I am also blessed to open Zen Cottage to my fellow healers to practice monthly; thankful to be part of this growing family.


"With God, all things are possible." Matthew 19:26


Zen Cottage is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Sacred Heart.