Feng Shui

20+ Years Experience

 I am blessed with Feng Shui experience specializing in organic and inexpensive improvements, and re-purposing what you already own. There are many types of Feng Shui available (Form, BTB, Compass, Flying Star...) but this approach is simple and understandable. It is based on color, frequency, lighting, symbolism, balance, decorating, and proper intention. This is color therapy on a large scale.

Consultations can be geared toward decorating. I will help you choose the best colors, styles, furniture, textiles, accents, lighting, and placement within any rooms. Organizing and de-cluttering, and creating a healthy home are passions as well. I do not advise building additions or renovating.

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Feng Shui Consultation $500 and up
Includes analysis and suggestions at your home or place of business. Appointments are usually three to four hours long. Workplace appointments are more intensive, and cost slightly more.  Call for your quote based on square footage. 

For a great example of Business Feng Shui, check out Dr. Yvonne Villareal's Embracing Health in Stafford, Virginia. Great job! http://embracinghealth.org/facility/

  Consulting: Hourly $90
Great for expert guidance with wall and decor color choices. I bring my color palette briefcase to assist in selecting. Two hour minimum for any consulting.

Home Staging  $500 and up
We analyze and advise the best arrangement of your space using your own decor. This is turbo-charged staging with our Interior Design and Feng Shui expertise. The interior and approach to the home are advised upon. You can later implement our suggestions, or we are available to help you for an hourly fee.   I also recommend a Home & Business Clearing appointment to assist in the selling process.