Spiritual Space Clearing

Spiritual Cleansing of Your Home and Business

  Spiritual cleansing and magnetic grid correction of your home or business is profound. One appointment can cleanse your home's energy, remove spirits, correct the directional grid, and bless your property.  I am blessed to offer 20+ years of space clearing experience, working with many types of homes, businesses, and clients. Clearings use sacred techniques and an intense in-depth Home & Business Clearing protocol I am further trained in.  It is so important to correctly and safely do this work. Please do not try this yourself.  You can benefit from a clearing appointment if any apply:

 -Are led to do this for any reason
-Feel like you are not "settled" or "grounded"
-Would like to have your home or business blessed
-Have experienced negative emotional or traumatic events in the space    
-Suspect paranormal activity    
-Feel the space is heavy     
-Experience present or past divorce/breakup    
-Work in a healing or spiritual environment
-Have attempted to clear your own home or business in the past              
-Offer a business or service to the public    
-Live or work in an historic building or area    


Spiritual Home or Business Clearing   

Contact me for Quote $500 and up

depending on your square footage, outbuildings, number of people living there, number of natural crystals, mirrors, etc. Most clearings include distance healing for the occupants, to ensure the holistic healing of the space.  

We travel to your home or business which is then energetically and spiritually cleansed using in-depth, powerful, and sacred methods. The spiritual flow of the property is also corrected and blessed. The benefits are a more positive, grounded, and lighter space.  Please allow three hours minimum, up to a full day for a larger home or business. Locations outside the DC or Richmond area require travel expenses.

Distance Clearing Session for Your Home or Business  Contact me for Quote based on your square footage, number of people living there, number of natural crystals, and other factors.  This session is done remotely, and is a powerful alternative to in-person home and business clearings. At this time, Distance Clearings do not include the special clearing of natural crystals and closing of mirrors, or correcting the magnetic grid. This service spiritually cleanses and clears the home and property; and includes distance healing on the occupants. This ensures holistic healing of the space and family.

I am certified in Feng Shui, Paranormal Psychology, and understand the many types of energies surrounding us. I have also completed additional training in *Victor Barron's Spiritual Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid, and Spirit of Nature Clearing methods. I am also an Advanced student and continue to learn special Clearing techniques from my gifted and powerful teacher, Victor Barron.  This knowledge and the anointment have greatly empowered my clearing methods, allowing me to offer you spiritual home & business clearing at the highest level.

 I am also grateful for the opportunity to work with you and your home.