Spiritual Clearing

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Spiritual & Energy Cleansing for Your Home and Business


I am blessed to bring you 20+ years of Space Clearing experience in Virginia and nationally. Home and Business Clearings use sacred techniques and an intense sacred protocol I am also certified in. 

The purpose of a spiritual home or business clearing is to remove energies which may be disruptive, off, or not in sync with the people living in the space. The home, land, and outbuildings are energetically cleared and blessed in the name of God. And on top of that, the spiritual flow of the property is enhanced, with many blessings for the homeowners being petitioned. There's more to it, of course, but that's the simple explanation.

Frequently, I am contacted for any of the reasons below. But I feel in my heart that EVERY home needs this. And if you are receiving healing yourself, why wouldn't you want your environment to be optimized as well? 

In conjunction, I strongly recommend distance healing on the occupants in your home, including yourself. This ensures holistic healing of the space and your family. It's vital you all are in harmony with the improved frequency of your home or business, and with one another. You can order distance healing sessions here, and they will be synchronized with your remote or in person clearing session. This is so important that I rarely if ever do a clearing appointment without healing sessions for the people. 

*NEW* Remote Clearing and Magnetic Grid Correction for Your Home or Business  $300

I am blessed by God to be His instrument in remotely clearing spirits and energies from homes, business, and properties. This is done from a distance; at my healing room Zen Cottage. This includes the essential correction of the magnetic grid for your entire property. 

This is a powerful and worldwide alternative to in-person home and business clearings (see below).  Remote Clearings include the special clearing and closing of mirrors on the property. 

I am grateful to God Holy Spirit, Grandmother Turtle, Mother Earth and the Magnetic Gridmaster for this sacred annointment.

Order your Remote Clearing here.


In Person Clearings at your home or business   $500 and up     Call for Your quote - based on square footage - typical prices range from $500 for apartments to $1200 for larger homes.


One appointment can cleanse your home's energy, assist spirits, correct the magnetic grid, optimize your spiritual flow, properly bless your home, and harmonize with Mother Earth. Contact me for specifics; which depend on your square footage, outbuildings, number of people living there, number of natural crystals, mirrors.   ​

We travel to your home or business which is then energetically and spiritually cleansed using in-depth, powerful, and sacred methods. The spiritual flow of the property is also corrected and blessed. The benefits are a more positive, grounded, and lighter space.  It is essential to correctly and safely do this work. This is not smudging, although we do work with the Spirit of Frankincense as a small part of our extensive protocol.


Please allow three hours minimum, up to a full day for a larger home or business. Locations outside the DC or Richmond area require travel expenses. 

Pay your In Person clearing quote here.

I am certified in Feng Shui, Paranormal Psychology, and understand the many types of energies surrounding us. I have also completed additional training in *Victor Barron's Spiritual Home and Business Clearing and Magnetic Grid at the Advanced levels, and Spirit of Nature Clearing methods. I am also an Advanced student and continue to learn special Clearing techniques from my gifted and powerful teacher, Victor Barron. This knowledge and the anointment have greatly empowered my clearing methods, allowing me to offer you spiritual home & business clearing at the highest level.

Some of the reasons people book a clearing include: 

-You feel this is the next step to take, or

-Want your home feel more like your own, or  

-Feel not "settled" or "grounded"  

-Would like to have your home or business blessed  

-Have experienced negative, emotional or traumatic events on the property  

-Suspect paranormal activity      

-Feel the space is heavy       

-Experienced divorce while living on the property      

-Work in a healing or spiritual environment  

-Have attempted to clear your own home or business in the past                

-Offer a business or service to the public such as a restaurant, hotel, medical office   

-Live or work in an historic building or area     

-I feel every home, business, and family can benefit from a spiritual clearing. This is not just for troublesome situations, but for happy homes wanting a lighter and enhanced spiritual flow.